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Naturebase will be an online platform that helps decision makers put Natural Climate Solutions into action.

Naturebase will deliver information grounded in science, lighting up pathways to protect, manage, and restore nature for measurable climate benefits. Bringing together the latest research, policies, and feasibility considerations, Naturebase will guide near-term action for decision-makers, practitioners, resource managers, and investors.

Farmers, foresters, governments, and local communities will learn where to deploy natural climate solutions to achieve their climate targets in consideration of their own needs and interests.

Users will be able to explore and compare target areas across forests, wetlands, grasslands, and agricultural lands, while considering issues such as land tenure, opportunity cost, financing opportunities, and enabling conditions.


A starting point to unlock the power of nature for a livable future.

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Stories we are hearing from around the world.

Natural climate solutions are ready to be deployed now, across the globe.

From south to north, east to west, people have been taking action and leading the way to unlock the power of nature for our collective future.


From Peru to Ghana: How technology is transforming community-led reforestation

Peruvian activist Betty Rubio travels to Africa to share her experience using drone and GIS technology to monitor forest cover and support reforestation efforts in a local community in Ghana. Together with local youth, they engage in replanting and monitoring growth of native plants with cultural and economic value, providing synergies with national climate and development targets.

Dominican republic

Water resilience: resisting the tide in the Dominican Republic

Reef restoration, mangroves, agroforestry. Local communities, scientists and public and private organisations in the Dominican Republic are finding solutions in nature to increase resilience and adapt to climate impacts.


Panama: the return of an ancestral forest

After being displaced due to the construction of a dam, the Panamean Indigenous tribe of Alto Bayano are rescuing their forests and culture with traditional knowledge and nature-based solutions such as reforestation, forest protection and agroforestry, as well as the selling of carbon credits.

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Discover how people and organisations worldwide are investing in initiatives that protect, restore and improve land management.

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Naturebase is set to launch ahead of the UNFCCC Climate Change Conference COP28 and Global Stocktake in 2023.

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