What is naturebase?

A natural climate solution web platform designed to identify where, why and how to implement high-integrity nature-based projects with the highest carbon mitigation impact whilst protecting livelihoods and biodiversity.

How does it work?

Backed by peer-reviewed scientific data, the application shows users the emissions reduction potential for each pathway - everywhere on the planet. This is complemented with information on ecosystem and human benefits, enabling policies and case studies to support effective decision-making and high-integrity climate action.

What is naturebase?

Our Mission

Nature can deliver up to one-third of the mitigation required that are required to stabilize the planet whilst also providing ecosystem and human well-being benefits - such as improving water and air quality, public health and building communities that are resilient to extreme weather events such as flooding and drought.

Knowing where, why and how to deploy these interventions is critical to unlocking nature’s potential towards achieving these goals. Naturebase is designed to fill data accessibility gaps that often stifle action.

Who can use naturebase?

Naturebase can serve policymakers, practitioners and technical experts on their journey to identify, analyze and make informed decisions on nature and climate planning and implementation.

Our Experts

Naturebase is a product of a collaborative effort between scientists and developers at The Nature Conservancy, with contributions by numerous organisations across the environmental sector and academia. These include:

The Nature ConservancyNature For ClimateConservation InternationalClarke UniversityWoodwell Climate Research CenterSluSeiEth ZurichVizzuality
What we want

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By creating a user profile on the naturebase app you get access to exclusive features such as mapping and saving your project areas and information for a quick reference check and access to the ideas portal.

Join the naturebase community and be among the first to test the tool

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