What can nature do for the climate?

Natural Climate Solutions pathways protect, manage, and restore nature in forests, croplands, wetlands, and grasslands.

Science shows that natural climate solutions can deliver up to one-third of the emission reductions required to stabilise the planet and avoid the worst impacts of climate. This whilst also providing ecosystem and human well-being benefits such as improving water and air quality, public health and building communities that are resilient to extreme weather events such as flooding and drought.

What nature can do for the climate?


Learn more about the nature-based approaches to mitigate climate change (also known as natural climate solutions), which avoid emissions and enhance sequestration across forests, wetlands, grasslands and agricultural lands. Visit www.nature4climate.org to learn more.


Forest (4)


Croplands (3)


Wetlands (4)

Grasslands, Shrublands, and Savanna

Grasslands, Shrublands, and Savanna (8)

Naturebase Beta

The full version of the naturebase platform is currently under development and this includes the full breadth of datasets. This beta version includes accurate data for 18 out of 25 natural climate solutions pathways and activities.

Additional data on mitigation potential for avoided shrubland conversion (ASC), avoided grassland conversion (AGC), avoided peatland drainage (APC), seagrass protection, saltmarsh protection, seagrass restoration, and saltmarsh restoration is coming. This will affect global and national totals calculated for mitigation potential.

Data sources

Naturebase.org integrates an array of data and information acquired through various technologies, including satellite data analysis and land system modelling, machine learning, and qualitative research. It meticulously assembles and validates existing knowledge rooted in peer-reviewed scientific research, presenting a comprehensive repository of information.

This repository encompasses data related to:

  • Carbon mitigation

  • Ecosystem and biodiversity advantages

  • Impacts on human well-being

  • Supportive policies

  • Illustrative case studies

By doing so, it enables informed decision-making when it comes to implementing Nature-based Solutions (NbS) in every corner of the world.


NCS core principles

Latest satellite data


The specific methodology and input data used to calculate the mitigation potential will vary among pathways, but all adhere to the core principles of natural climate solutions. 

Each spatial dataset presented estimates the mitigation potential of Natural Climate Solution activities derived from original geospatial analysis using the latest satellite and peer-reviewed datasets of current land systems, varied geospatial data, and carbon emissions/sequestration estimates informed by a review of peer-reviewed publications. For more information see our Data page.

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Join the naturebase community and be among the first to test the tool

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